March 6, 2012

My First Post - Dr. Seuss a Bit Late!

This is my first post to my new blog! I realize that I am several days behind all the talk of Dr. Seuss, but I wanted to share some of the activities that we tried in my classroom that came from many of your wonderful blogs.  I loved the entire week of Dr. Seuss and celebrating his birthday.  Like many of you posted, there were so many wonderful stories to read and projects to do.  Our class made the Cat in the Hat Glyphs from Mrs. Jump's TpT packet - they were adorable and lots of fun to make!  We have also been working on many of the writing activities and games in the Dr. Seuss unit from The Eager Teacher - great ideas! Thank you!

On Friday, March 2nd, to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss, the kindergarten classes at our school had a special morning.  We gathered in the cafeteria where each student had a stack of Dr. Seuss books and a parent or family member with them.  We had all the chairs set up so that we were in a large circle.  The parents sat in the chairs and the students on a mat. Every 2 minutes, a train whistle would blow and the parents would rotate to the next child.  The students held on to the books so that they were able to hear an entire book, just being read by different adults.  It was really amazing to have that many adults and children reading to Dr. Seuss at the same time. We then had an awards ceremony where every child was given a Dr. Seuss award (we found them at the Christmas Tree Store) and ended our program serving Green Eggs and Ham to all of the parents and children as they watched the Green Eggs and Ham movie.  It was a wonderful morning!

Cat in the Hat Glyphs from Mrs. Jump

We made hot air balloons with paper mache after reading Oh the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss - a very messy project, but lots of fun and a great finished project!

Celebrating the Birthday of Dr. Seuss with a kindergarten reading train!



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