February 9, 2015

I Need Your Ideas Please!!

I am a firm believer in the co-teaching model. My school implemented this model over five years ago dissolving all self-contained classes that we once had in the elementary school and have not looked back since. Having two teachers in the classroom as well as a teaching assistant allows us to implement small group instruction for the majority of the day.

Needless to say with the elimination of the self-contained classrooms, we have absorbed any and all students with emotional needs, and/or behaviors. These past few months have been on the more difficult side with one of our students and I am looking for simple behavior plan ideas. This student often has emotional outbursts and needs to be removed from the classroom for swearing and prolonged meltdowns. We remove him to a quite empty room and bring him back when he is ready. He is currently in the process of being evaluated, but functions at about a three-year old level.

We have tried using pictures –(happy/sad), first/then charts. He really is not ready for a behavior chart. I am looking for any and all of your suggestions please!

      Thank you in advance for your ideas! J

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