Co- Teaching

About five years ago, our school fully implemented the co-teaching model in the elementary classrooms. Before this students who qualified for special education services were divided into two classrooms (depending on the numbers) and one special education teacher pushed in to provide services to both classrooms. 

Now instead of spending all of her time going back and forth between two or more classrooms, the special education that has moved into my classroom on a full-time basis and we take all of the students that receive IEP services. 

What I love most about the co-teaching model is that for a stranger to walk into our classroom, they cannot identify who is the regular education teacher, the special education teacher, or the teaching assistants. We all play an active hands-on role in educating the students. We all are responsible for making sure our students are making progress, receive remediation as well as enrichment as well and that we actively communicate with parents. It is truly a team effort.