March 25, 2012

I Heart Dr. Jean!!

My colleagues and I were thrilled to attend a Dr. Jean conference this past Friday! This time of year it is especially nice to be reminded of the importance of learning through music, the need for student-capturing transitions and recogntion through simple cheers that can involve the whole class. I left feeling revived and filled with a wealth of new materials. What a great way to end March!


  1. Oh, you are so lucky to get to see Dr. Jean. I would LOVE to go to one of her conferences. She was supposed to present at a conference close to where I live (a ferry ride away), but the conference was cancelled because there were not enough registrations :(

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  2. I am sorry that you didn't get to go. Not enough people registered, can you imagine that!? Maybe it wasn't advertised well? I would love to go to the I-Teach-K National conference that is offered in the summer, but I will probably wait until my kids get older.

  3. I absolutely LOVE Dr. Jean. She is truly amazing!

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