March 21, 2012

Sight Word Linky Party!!

April from Wolfelicious is hosting a Sight Word Linky Party, which I am very excited about! Like many of you, our kindergarten students are expected to learn a certain number of sight words. At our school, our goal is to have our students learn 73 sight words. This has grown tremendously from four years ago when we only expected our students to learn 18.  It just goes to show if we raise our standards for ourselves and our students, they will rise to the challenge - if given proper support of course! 

So here are just a few ideas that I would like to contribute to the Linky Party:

1.  Fishing for sight words - this is always a favorite! The kindergarten students just LOVE to use a fishing pole.

2.  Using magnetic letters in random places in the classroom. Here our students are making words on the heater! Used as a short center or if there are a few extra minutes. Great team work activity and students can utilize classroom resources - the word wall!

3.  Using cookie trays and magnetic letters in small groups to work for making sight words or CVC words. Each child gets a cookie tray (from the dollar store) and magnetic letters.

4.  Altoids boxes - I have collected these over the years. Even though they are small, they still can hold magnetic letters. Students can use the lids to make words because they are magnetic.

5.  Spring eggs - This idea was not mine, but I have been doing it for so many years, I have no idea where I got it from...purchase a bag of spring eggs from the dollar store. Use eggs to make onset rimes.

Check out the Linky Party for More Great Ideas!!


  1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for your nice comments on my blog! I think your blog looks great and you're off to a good start! I write a literacy blog that I'm sure you'd enjoy too. All of my blogs can be found at I've been posting a lot of free printables on my literacy blog.

    I'm SOOOO jealous that you get to have chicks in your classroom! I wish we could do that! We aren't allowed to have any animals in the building for insurance reasons.

    I noticed you were looking for a blogging mentor. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help. I've been trying to learn lots of new things this year, like uploading documents for parents to print, adding videos, etc.

    Glad we found each other!


  2. Love your idea of using the Easter eggs with word families. There are so many fabulous things to do with those eggs?
    I have awarded you the Lovely Blog Award. Check it out on my blog.

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  3. We are slowly moving to a co-teaching they say. Not sure what the hold up is...what could be better than 2 teachers all the time? I am a special education teacher and my most fav Kindergarten teacher friend and I hope to get picked to "pilot" this model next year.
    Oh, BTW... we allow cats in Ohio....LOL...had to throw that in when I read your profile over there. :)
    Following you :)

    Joy of Life 2011

  4. Sandi- Thank you sooo much for the award. It is so kind of you! I will be right over to check it out.

  5. Nancy- I am so excited to hear that you may be moving toward the co-teaching model. I was also lucky enough to be paired up with a good friend of mine. I think strong relationships are essential to make a program like this successful. It is amazing to look at how far our results have come since we turned toward this model and the diversity of children with special needs who may have not been placed in a classroom such as ours. I LOVE it! Best of luck to you. I am looking forward to following you!

    Love you cats comments...LOL. They are inside/outside cats. My parents are not in an apartment, but great comment! Where in Ohio are you?