April 18, 2012

A First Sign of Life and a Wrap up of Chick Ideas

It all started with a little bit of chirping today and several hours later, a few tiny cracks in the egg! A wonderful sign that indeed there is a precious life inside these fragile eggs.  I could have stayed all night to watch if anything emerges. Hopefully we will see more tomorrow!

As posted earlier, I loved the project ideas from the book entitled Chicks and Salsa by Aaron Reynolds that I purchased from First Grade Fever. Here are the fiesta chicks that we made - the students LOVED eating chips and salsa!!

Tuesdays are "Tasty Tuesdays" in our classroom! We try to have the students cook up a little something delicious. Of course when we say "cooking" we mean treats that can be made without an oven. We usually have a short recipe for the students to follow. The Mailbox has a great recipe book! Take a look at our yummy edible chicks!

This may be the cutest craft ever!! It was found in a Mailbox a long time ago -


  1. I love all your ideas...especially the edible chick! Your blog looks great, I look forward to spending more time exploring and to see what other inspiring ideas you have!
    The Picture Book Teacher's Edition

  2. Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate them!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for your kind words. Your blog looks great, and I love your ideas. Blogging is such a wonderful experience. There are so many talented teachers who are willing to share. I am your newest follower. How exciting for your little ones to experience such a wonderful hands on activity. I have always wanted to do this with my little ones but it is expensive to set up in the classroom here in Australia.
    Classroom Fun

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