April 15, 2012

A Look Ahead at the Week

So it's back to work tomorrow after having 12 days off! I am of course very reluctant to leave my two sweethearts even though I know that they are ready to get back in their own routines of pre-k and day care. It has been a great vacation of hanging out at home and playing outside with neighbor friends.

For me, I was able to spend lots of time this vacation working in my classroom organizing and planning (something my husband does not understand!) I could actually cry tears of joy with the excitement I feel about many of the new ideas I found on blogs over these past 12 days.

One of the ideas that I am most excited to implement is one that I purchased from TpT From The Pond
Feelings Posters/Charts/Cards -Help students talk about their feelings
We have a young girl who is on the spectrum who often gets upset during transitions. She is also very limited verbally and does not communicate with us how she is feeling. I am thrilled with hope that this will help her communicate with us. I have printed and laminated all of the feelings posters as well as as an individual feelings pocket chart for each child (will take pictures soon). Every child can keep track of their own feelings. Not only with this help students who may need help understanding their emotions and communicating them, it may also help students to understand how others are feeling. Sooo ecstatic about this!!!

What's Hatchin' Chick? A Lil Unit About ChickensThis week if all goes as planned, we will have our baby chicks hatch!! Also found on TpT, a fabulous unit by Christie at First Grade Fever. So creative!!

Chicks and SalsaI am super excited to read Chicks and Salsa by Aaron Reynolds and work on the activities in this unit. A great way to bring our students back to school after having so many days off! I am looking forward to posting pictures after we complete the activities!!


  1. Hi Sarah!

    You left a comment on my blog so I hopped on over here! I am your newest follower!
    Spotlight on Kindergarten

  2. Hey Sarah! Your kiddos did a great job with the Salsa Chicks! Super cute!!! Thanks for the shout-out!
    Christie :)
    First Grade Fever