December 10, 2012

Run, Run, As Fast as You Can! I Love the Gingerbread Man!

Gingerbread taste graph-
which body part did you bit first?

I soooo love the gingerbread man unit and all the activities that go along with it.  We just finished our week long gingerbread theme, which was not long enough, but there are too many other fabulous themes to squeeze in this short month!  Here's a quick peek at some of the fun things we did...
Student traced gingerbread people that
the kindergarten class did across the hall!!
Paper bag gingerbread houses - so cute!!

Applesauce Cinnamon Ornaments -   
made our classroom smell delicious!

Where in the United States is our Gingerbread Man?
Our postcards are starting to arrive!!

Gingerbread take-home
decoration project



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