September 24, 2012

Benchmarks in Kindergarten? Oh My!!

(sung to the tune of On the Twelve Days of Christmas)

On the fourth day of kindergarten, my teacher gave to me
A number two pencil for a benchmark that really frightened me!

Now keep in mind that I am a week behind on all of my posts, so this was the fourth day of school and the first year that we had to give our sweet babies a benchmark in ELA and Math. It was so sad. The ELA was two parts, two days and the Math was one part and an individual part. Many people in the building did comment that they have never seen so many kindergarten students come in crying on the first full week of school before:( That is heartbreaking for me to hear.  Of course we told them that this was just something to help us learn what we need to teach and do your best, it doesn't matter if you don't know the answer and all that, but it didn't help. The look of horror on their faces said it all:(  This is due to the new APPR regulations that we are following at our school this year.

I would love to hear from other teachers who are going through similar experiences! Good luck to you if you are:)

September 16, 2012

A Pirate's Life for Me!!

There just isn't enough time! I can't keep up!!! I haven't even had a moment to post pictures of my classroom this year. Every year I change the theme of my classroom, which I use for back to school. I have to say that I am so in love with the pirate theme that I used this year, that it may be my theme for the next several year. Many thanks to all of the talented teachers who have posted products on TpT and Teachers Notebook. I know that I have mentioned some of you by name. Your products have made my pirate classroom so much fun!!
Here's a little tour...
A large pirate sits on the window of classroom greeting mateys as they enter (we have covered the sword with a book, just to be on the safe side)
Pirate Numbers to line up on:)
Love this hanging outside my classroom - it once was on my door
but due to the fire safety regulations, we are no longer able to put anything on
our classroom doors:(

Posing with pirate hats on the first day of school - we also used pirate eye patches to find gold in the sand table!!
Happy Birthday - Pirate Style!!
Pirate Numbers 1-30
A pirate letter chart and word wall


September 4, 2012

On the Other Side of Kindergarten

I have been away from my blog far too long as I have been busy preparing my classroom for the upcoming school year and mentally preparing myself for my son to go to kindergarten! My son will be attending kindergarten at the same school where I teach. Actually he will be directly across the hall from me. Which at first I thought would be very difficult for him, but now as the first day approaches, I think it will be more difficult for me as I constantly worry about him.

I found this post on Pinterest and initially it just brings tears to my eyes, but then I can really put myself in the shoes of the many parents that have brought their child to my kindergarten room over the past 13 years. While I have always considered myself to be sympathetic and understanding, I have a whole new understanding of how parents feel.

First Day of Kindergarten Letter